Antigravity Yoga Classes ~ Denver, Colorado

Singer Pink’s performance at the 2010 Grammys might have been inspired by Antigravity Yoga, but you won’t want to try this type of yoga at home on your own.

Like most other types of yoga, Antigravity Yoga consists of a series of progressive movements. A low-impact, cardiovascular workout, Antigravity Yoga can be great for aligning the body and reliving compressed joints.

Invented in 1990 by Christopher Harrison, a Broadway dancer, Antigravity Yoga is typically practiced in gyms, where each student is suspended from the ceiling in their own hammock (which mimics a swing or a soft trapeze). Originally designed for gymnasts, many of the moves in Antigravity Yoga are wrapped in grace and beauty. The possibilities for positions are endless in a 3D space that makes yoga inversions safe, simple, and easy.


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